Structuring our innovation path

Innovation is pretty much ad hoc. Somebody invented an LCD panel and today we have very flat screens everywhere. Our TV's have had a lot more research and technologies leading up to the modern TV, but it is the combination of stuff like research, technologies, market desire, design and so on.

If you have ever played Civilization you are familiar with the Tech(nology) tree. This is a tool to display what technologies you have unlocked and shows you what technologies you need to unlock, by means of research, before you can produce the future products.

We should create a website (tool or app) which does the same for in real life. In part to understand and keep track of our innovation history and part to plan our future.

For example:
We know that to have created a BBQ we needed to master fire and had to produce food (which became available with the technologies of slaughtering animals and/or growing vegetables). But if you would take a modern BBQ, you would probably also need to add metallurgy, charcoal and the wheel to the requirements.

So the website should let us add, edit en inject technologies and products in a similar open fashion as we can with wikipedia.

Again for example:
I would like to use a teleporter. Now I can imagine we need some type of scanner, a destruction mechanism, a type of printer and a fast global spanning network for sending data.

This would be my very crude idea of creating a teleporter. Next, somebody with a lot more in depth knowledge of physics and such could take my idea and further refine or add the needed requirements.

These requirements would have their own requirements which would have their own requirements and on and on. By refining the path of requirements hopefully we can connect to our current technology level. Now we have created a plan to get there and possibly stumbled on some technologies, insights or products which could lead to new paths of technology and products.

Also scientists could add their discoveries to let others imagine products or they could be inspired to new research by seeing future product ideas.

Now this is not a new thought, probably most companies use this form of development working towards their goals. I can imagine Elon Musk has a similar plan at SpaceX for getting to Mars.

The goal of this post is to see if we can advance our techlevel quicker by combining our efforts in planning our routes.

Let me know what your thoughts are by reaching out via email to hello@... or sharing via the socials.

Also we should probably start harvesting our science fiction and children's creativity to add future products to try and see if we can determine which innovations are needed.

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