The interface from within you

We started with multiple persons sharing one computer, now we have multiple computers per person. Our desktop, laptop, tablet, phone even our watches are becoming computers.

It is time to change the way we interface with technology.

I propose rethinking the way operating systems work and do the same with our computers and devices as we have done with information. Connect it all.

A lot has changed with the uprising of the internet and more recently services like dropbox and webmail. We have a personal cloud with information around us and can access information from pretty much anywhere.

Until now every computer and device has its own operating system (or is part of one) in its own bubble with its own limitations. Sure, your computer can use the internet but for most people your computer is not really part of it. The same goes for most of the internet connected devices.

As we are headed into an augmented reality, interactive-wallpaper world where anything-is-a-screen, we need to reshape how we interact with our devices.

Recently there has been a boom of innovation in new interface devices. To name a few: Kinect, webcam's, Leap, Jarvis and many more. This combined with our computers, TV's and other devices makes up our modern homes. From all these devices connecting them, a new technology/platform should emerge, giving a 'soul' or intelligence to our homes, buildings and cars.

Where in the past and present we use(d) a computer interface, in the future the interface should come from within us, metaphorically speaking.

We should create a sort of 'Human Processing Unit' which connects you with your 'Artificial Intelligence Processing Unit' which could be your home or car. The HPU is master or client to your AiPU, which devices in turn are slaves or clients. The HPU is personal and listens only to you and everybody has their own HPU.

Think of the HPU as the 'key' to a keyless car. It could take the form of a watch, keychain, mobile phone, ring or even be under your skin. With it, you can interact with your or any AiPU using any of your devices. The HPU/AiPU will take care of the logic of translating your commands to actions.

It should not matter that I am talking to my watch to start a program on my TV or selecting a washing program from my iPad to start my dishwasher. Even the motion of my hand dragging some content from my TV to my iPad or pinch and release it to my Glass should be possible because my AiPU is watching me through kinect-like devices.

The HPU/AiPU should connect, via internet, to a service which handles authentication. So when a friend visits or I put my home up for AirBnB, anyone can access (after granting access) their data via my AiPU, just not my data. Without internet, the HPU should have a possibility to be connected locally.

In the future you could even manage who can see what information about you in public. You would see who accesses your information in a bar and in turn you can access theirs. Or walking into a store they will already have your preferences, sizes or allergies and could present you with items, services or food options that are tailored to your person.

This would take some connecting of HPU's or seeing others via public AiPU's (for safety). But after seeing minority report most people will agree that it is pretty much inevitable we will connect with our surroundings.

Love to hear your views...

We also need some form of HPU for the coming of the nanos, talking to real Ai's and other things, but later more on that.

Mark Keijzer

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